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Same day or one day processing for passport.  Rush processing for visa, document authentication and legalization, U.S. birth certificate, international driverís permit and other travel documents.

Office Address: 

1930 18th Street NW, Unit #1, Washington DC  20009

Telephone #: 202-223-8822

  Services We Offer:
bullet U.S. Passports


bullet Foreign Entry Visa for U.S. Citizens


bullet Visa Requirements for Official OR Diplomatic Passport Holders


bullet Visa Support/Invitation for Russia and CIS Countries


bullet Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to travel to Australia


bullet United Kingdom (British) Passports


bullet Certified Copy of U.S. Birth Certificate (Born Overseas)


bullet International Driverís Permit


bullet Documents for International Filing (Apostille, Authentication and Legalization, Document Retrieval from different Secretary of States)




The primary benefits of using Travel the World Visas are speed of processing, convenience and peace of mind!  We are a one stop shop visa service company dedicated to providing an efficient, fast and reliable service at a reasonable price.  Click HERE to read more information about Travel the World Visas.


Due to our excellent working relationships with consulates/embassies, the Washington Passport Agency and the U.S. Department of State, we can obtain visa, passport or document authentication and legalization within 24 to 48 hours.  We have the experience and knowledge to walk you through any passport, visa or document situation.  We strive for excellence in customer service.

Travel the World Visas:

1)      Saves you time and money

2)      Does all the leg work and research

3)      Eliminates all the hassles in obtaining visa, passport or document authentication and legalization because we thoroughly check all your documents before submission, thus, eliminating or reducing the potential of rejection by the consulates/embassies, U.S. State Department, Passport Agency, etc

4)      Assigns an Account Manager to clients for personal assistance, thus, you will be working with one person only (not with different agents)

5)      Assures that passports and visas issued have correct information and the signature of the appropriate consular officer

6)      Assures that you will receive your travel document on time

7)      Notifies you promptly of problems with your visa, passport or document, such as incorrect fees, incorrect picture size, applications not completely filled out, or when your document does not have proper certifications, etc.

8)      Guarantees travel documents will be submitted to the embassy/consulate, Passport Agency, U.S. State Department within one business day of our receipt of your application (provided all documents received are complete).

9)      Eliminates your writing multiple checks to the State Department, Consulate,

Passport Agency (if applying for a multiple visas/passports or documents for overseas filing at the same time) 

10)  You can download Order Forms, visa and passport requirements and Application Forms from this website to each individual Countries.

11)  With just one phone call, tells you the "on time" status of your application or documents

For planning your next international trip, please call us at 202-223-8822 or to begin experiencing the peace of mind!











Travel the World Visas  . . . linking you with your global destination!

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